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#4517643 - 02/15/10 06:51 PM What happened to those classic ClubSi shirts?
TuPaK Si Offline
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the ones with the EBP on the back, VTEC kicking in and shit yo

no really? \:\(
Mine is all worn out after 5 years. Anyone have a new one laying around they want to sell? \:D

#4545068 - 02/25/10 03:14 PM Re: What happened to those classic ClubSi shirts? [Re: TuPaK Si]
mhart Offline
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someone needs to make them again.

#8597722 - 03/22/16 11:59 PM Re: What happened to those classic ClubSi shirts? [Re: mhart]
RG2LEM1 Offline
Jr Poster

Registered: 03/15/16
Posts: 96
I was wondering this myself...They were sweet! Maybe we should hold a contest and have people submit their drawings and designs. Then we vote on the winner and find out the most cost effective way of making them. Anyone?
#8821340 - 10/17/16 08:35 PM Re: What happened to those classic ClubSi shirts? [Re: RG2LEM1]
JoshuaVTEC Offline
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Send me the images and perhaps I'll do a run \:\)
#8825419 - 10/20/16 06:53 PM Re: What happened to those classic ClubSi shirts? [Re: JoshuaVTEC]
Mantis Moderator Online   willy_nilly
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#8826433 - 10/21/16 07:43 PM Re: What happened to those classic ClubSi shirts? [Re: Mantis]
YodaIsGod2 Offline
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#9010881 - 04/23/17 01:06 PM Re: What happened to those classic ClubSi shirts? [Re: YodaIsGod2]
kertanel5 Offline

Registered: 04/20/17
Posts: 3
What about that shirts?
more information

#9139137 - 09/23/17 04:19 AM Re: What happened to those classic ClubSi shirts? [Re: kertanel5]
DanielLee5 Offline

Registered: 09/23/17
Posts: 2
Have just the same question!
#9177394 - 11/03/17 12:11 AM Re: What happened to those classic ClubSi shirts? [Re: DanielLee5]
DurhamCarpet Offline

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