I thought I'd gather your opinions on this topic. Are the lateral G's pulled during cornering going to effect the oiling in the bike engines (we are using two honda F4i's). What have the previous bike engined cars done? These are wet sump engines, and it concerns us because a bike really only pulls vertical G's due to it's ability to lean into corners. Also to consider, we will be mounting them longitudinally, not sure how the would play in yet, we still have to do more research. Going dry sump is just another cost that we'd like to avoid (not that we don't know how to do it).
As for a quick update on the project, we are closing in on a deal for acquiring several F4i's on the cheap. We will be buying several blown engines from formula SAE teams and combining the good parts to make two good engines. As for the chassis, that is still slightly up in the air, but we just came across a rolled crx race car, although it looks like it is going to be out of the budget anyway. As soon as we actually start the build, I'll make sure to start a build thread and post lots of pics.

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