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#52636 - 08/11/04 11:35 PM Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
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As you know we selected a handful of Clubsi members to check out our Frame Locks. They've had them on their cars for a while and should have a real good read on them. I've asked them to post it here.

I think everyone's probably heard that out product made the front cover of Honda Tuning magazine. The article is posted in another posting.

Our web site is We are accepting orders now, but we're a bit back ordered for now. Sorry.


David Lawson
Korbach Performance
"Building the Perfect Ride"
David Lawson Korbach Performance

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#52637 - 08/12/04 04:36 PM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
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Hello CSi, UH8 a.k.a. Joshua here. My credentials include: First place season finishes in SCCA STS class in my region, at this time I was also enjoying a partial sponsorship by a nationwide retailer (UPR) and co-sponsored by a vinyl decal shop out of California, I am an organizer and participating member of a local enthusiast drivers group, I have been turning wrenches on my cars since I was 14, I performed all of the modifications to my Si and to date have achieved at or near 1.0 g’s of lateral acceleration. I am all about the turns! I am also a long time member of CSi. Even longer than you think if you add my old name UH8MYVTEC to the post count.

Frame Locks: I got them from Korbach in three days in the sexiest packaging I have ever seen. No BS, they look like you could propose to your 101 with them. I had to wait 24 hrs to install them due to my schedule. In the mean time I couldn't leave them alone. I even weighed them...13 ounces each, hardware included, for a grand total of 26 oz. of chassis bracing!

1st Impression: If you had the Frame Locks in front of you and spoke to the guys at Korbach, you too would have confidence in these miniscule parts. They appeared to be VERY well made and the finish is perfect. The red powder coating will look great whenever I have to clean my air filter. LOL

The install: VERY simple. Included are very well written instructions along with brand new BluMol drill bits to violate your car with. I appreciate the bits as I am a subcontractor and good tools are always welcome. My total time was 90 minutes start to finish. Understand that I took a LOT of time to follow the instructions precisely, take pictures, and make notes to help with product development.

The drive: My behind the wheel time was cut short due to the all-too-familiar rear sub frame tear out that is unrelated to the Frame Locks. Before I parked the car I did get to run it over my every day neighborhood entrance drive, both in and out. This includes a hugely steep driveway; several speed humps, manhole covers and a sharp 90 degree turn uphill; all at 35 mph. The difference was strange. It felt like I was driving a car that had a higher build quality, like a BMW. I got a very solid feeling car, like it was bigger too. I never realized the little jarring that I got from my ride until these made them all but disappear. The ride is comparable to the G35 that I’ve been borrowing since my Civic has been parked.

For all the modifications I have made to my car, I must say that this is one of the most noticeable. Frame Locks did more for my ride than any of my front or rear upper and lower braces did. More than my JDM ITR OE springs too; I'd say these are as noticeable an improvement as my KYB AGX shocks and my (now much hated) Suspension Techniques rear sway/tie bar combo.

I am very pleased with the Korbach Frame Locks and do recommend them. Had they been available, I would have saved all the money wasted on the typical braces and just gone with the Frame Locks; which is precisely what I recommend to any enthusiasts who are just starting out.

As soon as my rear sub frame gets the attention it needs, I will be inviting local enthusiasts to try them out for themselves. First without them engaged and then with them properly tightened.

Feel free to hit me up with any Q's guys.

P.S. Korbach has offered to assist with the engineering of a solution to the rear sub frame fix. If that doesn't kick a$$, I don't know what does! You can trust these guys, I do. As for the ST rear sway/tie bar; you can read about that in the other thread on just such occurrences.
AKA UH8MYVTEC Founding Member: Club Own Rick King

#52638 - 08/13/04 01:29 PM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
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From the first time I drove my car on the road I could notice a difference in handling provided by the Körbach Frame Locks. The steering response was greatly improved and over all road handling on less then perfect streets, I.E. new pavement, was enhanced tremendously by this product.

Upon opening the Frame Lock’s box I could tell this modification was different. The Frame Lock was packaged in custom die cut foam to prevent damage in shipping, all the drill bits needed for the installation were included. Easy to follow instructions were right in front of me. The engineering was also amazing, carefully thought out to work with the civics and to add a stable but safe modification to the front of the car. You will be amazed at how small these Frame Locks are and shocked at how much difference they will make in your ride and handling of your car.

With the Frame Lock’s installed I noticed that when I would do a quick shift of the steering wheel the car would immediately follow. Not only was the steering response increased but also the road handling throughout the entire turn. On an open parking lot I could definitely feel the car not pushing as much, and a lot less flex in the front end of the car.

Before on roads with less then perfect surface conditions my car would be bumpy and provide a harsh ride, now with the Körbach Frame Locks installed my car easily takes bumps up into the suspension, instead of just passing it through the shocks and springs into the body of the car give a harsh bumpy ride.

This product does not only shine on the street, but being an avid Auto-crosser for years now, I have had the opportunity to push my car to its limits in a controlled environment. On large open smooth surfaces the Frame Locks provide a constant steering feel in the front, reducing front dive commonly found in hard cornering and maintaining controllability throughout the entire turn. But it gets even better, on a typical rough surface, such as aged concrete with buckles and holes, the Frame Locks give their best performance. By increasing the rigidity of the front end of the car, the suspension can do its job of keeping the wheels on the ground, even over large bumps.

Being a Honda enthusiast for over 5 years now, working on them and modifying them, and cars for 10 plus years I can safely say that this product is one of the best things you can add to your car. It helps in all the key handling areas. If you won’t take my word for it, buy a set and try them. The easy install instructions will get your Frame Lock’s installed within an hour and you will be wondering how you ever drove without them.

Automotive Performance Enthusiast,
Moderator, Skidpad Forum

#52639 - 08/15/04 01:35 PM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
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When I heard about Korbach’s frame locks, I admit I was skeptical. I found it hard to believe that something as small as these frame locks could make even the slightest difference. I received my frame locks and promptly installed them. Installation is fairly simple; if you can change out an intake and do routine maintenance on your own car.

I could tell immediately a lot of research and development has gone into this product as I began to install it. The installation process required a minimal amount of drilling. The kit provides a fool proof template to aide in the drilling. Also my kit came with the three drill bits required to install the frame locks. It is nearly impossible to make a mistake during the installation. It is very obvious with a glance at the parts that ease of installation was a major priority. The frame locks were in and the bumper reinstalled in just over an hour.

Because I was skeptical, I had a friend come over with the exact same car and suspension setup as on my 2000 Civic Si. We decided to take both cars to an empty parking lot and alternate driving to experience any differences.

Immediately I noticed that my car with the frame locks installed “pointed” easier in the turns. I could send it into corners harder and faster and it would react faster and with more precision then the car without the frame locks. I was amazed that something this small could make a difference. I was expecting a minimal difference but already I could tell it was making a significant impact on the front end handling of my car.

Another thing I noticed was my car, with the frame locks installed, could hold the turn at a slightly higher MPH without “washing out” of the turn. I was not the only one who noticed. My friend, who was testing the car with me, noticed the exact same things. He was skeptical as well but also became a believer in the frame locks.

As a moderator of a large national car forum, I find myself in situations where I am asked which products to recommend on a daily basis. This product would be something I would stake my reputation on. I would recommend this product to anyone who is attempting to change their suspension components for better handling and more control. My car is already equipped with springs, shocks, and a camber kit. I believe this is a great addition to my current handling modifications. It is an awesome product toward creating a better handling, more responsive car.

Brandon N.
ClubSi Moderator
Weekend Road Courser

#52640 - 08/17/04 04:36 PM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
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Ever since I've owned a Honda, I've missed the way that my previous european car felt. It felt more solid and handled tougher. The Civic was merely a Civic and I came to accept the fact that it was meant to be an economy car. This all changed when I drove in Jimmy's Si (ClubSi username Jimmmmmah!) and he told me about this product called Frame Locks from Korbach Performance. I was able to become a beta tester for them and got to try the product first hand on my own car. Here are my impressions of my car before ! and after installing the Frame Locks.

Before: When travelling over uneven roads, potholes, or rail road tracks the chasis tended to flex and vibrate side to side. The body twisted and sent the vibrations directly to the driver's seat where they could be felt very prominently. Taking turns at an aggressive speed would result in the car fighting against me, and I would continually have to make corrections rather than a smooth and comfortable turn.

After: With the Frame Locks installed, the body of the car felt like it twisted less. The vibrations were sent through the car away from the driver rather than directly towards the passengers. I had a friend who also owns a civic ride in my car and stated that it felt more like a Volvo than a Civic, and the shock of going over a bump was not there. I've found myself being able to travel over uneven roads at a higher speed without having to worry about the violent vibrations I used to experience before installing the Frame Locks. On the same turns taken pre! viously, I found it much easier to enter at a more aggressive speed and that the car would not fight back but instead went in the direction I intended the vehicle to go. I have come to enjoy my car once again and I have regained that solidity I felt with my previous european car.

Over the past 2 weeks I have asked Korbach engineers many questions about the workings of their product for myself and for others. They have been able to explain and fully answer every question at any various levels. For the person who doesn't know a thing about cars to many of my classmates who are engineers. The Korbach engineers have given detailed explanations and are extremely well versed in the field of car frame structures.

I have found this product to be extremely useful as an aggressive daily driver. I feel more comfortable driving my car over all types of roads and I feel that I have more control than I've ever had in any car in this class. I highly recommend this product to anyone who's looking to fill that void in their suspension set ups.

Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.
99 EBP Si I/H/E

#52641 - 08/17/04 08:08 PM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
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Three days ago i had these locks installed on my car. I have a stock 99si with tien ss coilovers, and now Korbach Frame Locks. For the first test drive, I made the shocks stiffer. I took the car around the block, and immediatly noticed a sluggish turn in. The car responded slower to quicker movements, and refused to keep moving in new lateral directions. It wanted to go striaght----gasp understeer. The car was behaiving as if i had stiffened up the front suspension.

After adjusting the coilovers, i found a wonderfull meduim where i was able to take advantage of the new "solid" frame i had. Once i loosened the shocks up, the car behaived as it had before. You notice a definite change in the overall handling of the car, but to be more specific: the car responds better to reversals of lateral motion.

It becomes clear when slaloming through the lanes on an open road, or tearing around the turns through a parking lot. Over the past three days i have been doing my best to put the frame locks through thier paces The product offers everything it promises, though i've read some things that just seem like an ad. The car feels stiffer for everyday driving, but that is to be expected with any chassis modification, no?

Installation was super easy other than drilling the holes, make sure you have a powerfull drill (we did it with a cordless, but iw ouldn't reccomend it). THe product came with all the drillbits i needed so i didn't have to ruin my own. I thought that was nice Whole thing installed rather quickly, but i did have good company. Heh. Overall a good product, i was very impressed witht eh way the lock hosts the drillbits to allow perfect and precise holes.

#52642 - 08/18/04 03:46 AM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks
Team 4R Offline
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Loc: Diamond Bar, CA
i installed my locks about three weeks ago and they do grant a large improvement over the stock ride. i myself have a tein type-ha suspension, front and rear upper and lower tie bars, and 205/50/15 falken azenis all around. my car handled very sharply before the install.

after the install the very first high speed sweeper i took i oversteered. i had to reduce my steering input to get the car to go where i wanted to. the front end overall feels very together. there is absolutely no slop now, and initial turn-in happens very quickly.

the installation itself was very basic. i had an electric drill with cord, so i was able to power through the frame pretty quickly. the supplied bits and parts only served to make things easier. also, the packaging of the product is incredible. i've never bought a car part that came so well packaged or organized. the red finish on my frame locks also adds a very nice touch (see pic).

as to what they do, the locks add a triangular support to the crushable area between the front crossmember and each frame rail. essentially this makes the front end one piece instead of three pieces held together with a section that is designed to flex. these frame locks are simple and very effective.

my final thought on the product is that it is very effective and user friendly, and that the price tag is reasonable considering what all is included..

pic of installed product:
Andy 4R, M.D.

#52643 - 08/21/04 01:47 PM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
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As one of the first founders of CSi, i've been through my share of performance products. Some met their doom, some were replaced with better quality parts and some were the better quality parts. As for suspension upgrades, I thought I had that as tweaked as it would get years ago... Of course I recently found I was wrong.

Seeing as I have a fairly good setup to begin with, I wasnt sure if I would feel any difference at all. The setup prior to installing the "Frame Locks" included Progress Competition Coilovers which are valved for street/track use and have a fairly firm but forgiving spring rate, perfect for street use. The bushings have also mostly been replaced with poly bushings and the front and rear have rigid aftermarket strut tower braces including lower braces and an adjustable camber kit on the rear. None the less, the car did corner well and I really didnt see how it could be improved.

Enter the Korbach Frame Locks... The kit includes some fairly unusual shaped pieces of heavy gauge steel with a thick coat of gloss red to protect it from rust. It also included all the hardware and the necessary drill bits and of course detailed instructions with photos to follow along with. This all comes in a very nicely packaged box with foam padding to seperate all of the parts for the left and right side of the vehicle. (Note: Very pleased with the packaging and the fact it comes with the three necessary drill bits as one is a rather large size. All are very sharp and drill through the bumper supports easily using an average household power drill.)

Installation was straight forward after reading the instructions through and keeping them on hand while doing the work. Tools necessary are average hand tools anyone should already have. From memory, you will need a power drill, 10mm socket, 12mm socket, 13mm socket (1/2" also works), 13mm wrench (1/2" also works), 6" extension for the socket/ratchet and some work gloves help. Total time I spent on the install was exactly 1 hour for both sides including the time to reinstall the bumper cover. Instructions are straight forward and easy to follow, though the kit itself goes together easily. (Once you do the driver side, the passanger side should go together twice as fast.)

So the first drive after getting it back on the ground was interesting to say the least. The car doesnt ride any more stiff or feel any more bouncy than before, but steering feels more solid and bumps dont seem to disturb you in corners as much as without the kit installed. Cornering is very smooth and the ride is as good as before. Speed into corners feels more confident and quite fun. This clearly braces the front end far more than any other brace, yet it is completely invisable with the bumper cover installed. (IE: Auto-Xers take note, you can only tell the car has the Frame Locks if you pull the bumper cover off!!)

In any case, I give the kit a 9.5 out of 10 in quality, overall performance and ease of installation. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be a babe to fan you off while you install the kit, and perhaps some Korbach stickers for those who might want to put them on their car or toolbox.

Edit: Word of advice, while drilling the holes I suggest wearing gloves and a long sleeve shirt. The aluminum shavings are extremely hot and sharp and sting a bit when they fall on your bare arms holding the drill below.

#52644 - 09/07/04 01:15 AM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
kickassSi Offline
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Loc: California
I am one of the Korbach beta testers. I am definitely a happy user
and in awe of the performace improvement this product has made .

here's my review:

After the brackets were installed, both my passengers and I
immediately noticed a change in the car's handling and ride quality.
One of my passengers noticed the improvement and I didn't even tell
him I installed the Frame Locks before hand. I am truly amazed at the
difference these brackets have made. During my mountain driving, the
car felt rigid and solid. A great amount of flex was reduced in bank
turns and there seemed to be less recovery time between turns from
side to side. I even found myself going faster in my every-day driving.
88 CRX---Evolved & SOLD 99 Boosted Civic Si---SOLD. Boosting 1.47bar .... stock

#52645 - 09/10/04 04:11 AM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
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"To be honest, I was skeptical. But I personally installed the right
side Frame Lock and found the process to be quite easy. Afterwards, we
took a test drive and I immediately noticed an improvement in ride
quality—within 100 feet after we left the garage. Cruising down the
street, my car felt more solid, grounded and smoother. I couldn’t
believe how comfortable my car felt driving over bumpy roads and
changing lanes on the freeway. A few days later, I started to test the
handling. Another bonus! Freeway on ramp cornering with the Frame
Locks was 5-10 mph faster than without them. Truly fantastic. The
Frame Locks seemed like the missing link in my other suspension
upgrades. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Herman Soriano

#52646 - 09/11/04 03:49 AM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
BoRedRaceR702 Offline
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I too am one of the first to test this product out. Im the ride of the month on their website.. The frame locks are the first thing i would recommend to anyone as a first suspension mod to their car. Heres a little review i wrote...

At first, I was a little skeptical about trying out the Frame Locks,
but since the company were local, and the fact that I've heard great
news from other Clubsi members I figured, "why not?". I had nothing to
lose since all my strut bars made little difference to my cars
handling. After the install I took it out for a spin to check it out
and I was all smiles. I love my car more now than I ever did.
Tighter turns, stiffer body, and quicker response from the steering
wheel. Suprisingly all these improvement from these little Frame
Locks that weigh less than 24 ounces. They don’t look like they’ll do
much, but they do. It’s crazy but true. Installing the Frame Locks
was easy for me thanks to the very detailed installation manual.
There’s lots of pictures and they even give you a set of brand new
drill bits to ensure an easy install. I give the guys at Korbach
Performance a two thumbs up for inventing the Frame Locks. I fell in
love with their product and I’m sure you will too!

Jay Discuano


#52647 - 09/15/04 10:24 AM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
georgelb Offline
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My tester kit was on backorder for a good bit, but I finally got them and put them through the paces...and am nothing short of suprised at the results. They simply seem to allow all the other suspension components to do the job they are meant to do. The all around ride is simply more solid. The review I wrote is entirely too long for this thread, so you can read it here, on my website.

#52648 - 09/16/04 01:34 PM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
Jimmmmmmah!!! Offline
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Let me see. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm the owner of the Milano Red Si that Korbach Performance used in the Sept Issue of Honda Tuning. So far. Let me give you a background about my car and how often I've changed things on it. I've had the car since May of 2000, and I have gone through about 23 suspension changes in the last 4 years. With each suspension change, I always ended up with a ride that was a bit bumpy or a rougher than what I like. I always wanted to have a nice drop and handling, but yet have the ride quality of OEM suspension.

My current setup right now:
DNX Performance Coil Over Shocks
Eibach Prokits
Comptech Front Upper Strut Bar
Comptech Rear Sway/Tie Bar
17" Racing Hart M5 3 Piece on 205/40/17 Bridgestone RE950s

Yes, I do realize the ride quality isn't the same with 17's rims, but it's not that bad at all.

The moment frame locks were install, I noticed that where I turned or pointed the car, it would immediately go in that direction. In the past it would be like a slight hesitation when I turned, and it steering felt loose in general. I didn't really notice the difference until I was getting on the freeway, and notice that I was going a whole lot faster than before. The car felt solid all the way through the freeway ramp, and stuck like glue.

The other improvement I notice, was the bumps that used to be harsh seem to have lighten up a good amount. It sometimes feel like I'm driving a tank at times and I just plow right over them without feeling the "jarring" feeling I use to get.

Here's what I wrote for Honda Tuning and Korbach:

“After having FRAME LOCKS installed on my car, I took it out on a familiar, twisty road. I know all the turns, bumps, and potholes in the back of my head. I couldn't believe the improvement and It was like a different car! Every turn was smooth and, all bumpy roads definitely felt a bit softer too. At one point, I was going 80 mph through a turn, and notice the it was smooth all the way through the turn. I was having a total blast driving my car! Some of the dips in the road used to be bad, but with the FRAME LOCKS installed, they felt great! I honestly believe Honda made a mistake by not designing this into their cars.”

If I didn't believe this product really works, I wouldn't had let the Chapters of Norcal and SoCal ClubSi beat on it at the North Meets South event this past year. Yes, I know it's a bit on the expensive side, but once you purchase the product, you don't want to be without them ever. If you have any questions in general, feel free PM about it.

Note: If you have been into a front end collision, I don't recommend you install this unless you are determine as I was trying to making it work on SiToeKnee's Si.



Jimmmmmmmah's Install Garage

#52649 - 09/17/04 12:29 AM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
80s_Boy Offline
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Loc: SF Peninsula
OK, let me chime in on this one. I was involved from very beginning
with this project. How early you ask? Well, the inventor posted on
ClubSi about a year ago, saying he had this idea on how to strengthen
the chassis of the Civic. I was curious, we got in touch, he gave me a
copy of his resume with pages and pages of structure drawings he's
been involved with while working for his previous employer etc.

My car was used as the Prototype Mule for this. The machine shop had
my car for the better part of a week, as they fabricated the very
first set of these.

Let me tell you, the first time I pulled the car out of a drive way, I
felt a major difference in the car.

The following is something I wrote shortly after we took those first
prototypes off my car...

"Driving to work this morning without the Frame Locks on my car really
reminded me of what a difference the parts make in the ride of the
car. The Civic isn’t a bad chassis, in fact it’s pretty damn good when
compared to a lot of cars in this class. Adding the brackets really
gives the front end of the car a “bigger” feel if you will. It feels
more solid and planted on the road."

Sadly the Si was stolen last September (I know, shocking that an Si
got ripped) So I have been unable to do much more testing for them.
But I have been in touch and the level of professionalism the inventor
and his Team have brought to this project continues to amaze me.

I'd be truly amazed if someone installed these and didn't like them.

Paul S.

#52650 - 09/23/04 07:08 PM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
Testiclese Offline
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Loc: Calgary
I'm not a tester, but I decided to buy the frame locks. Heres my review

"When I first read about the frame locks, I was very excited at the implications they had for my car. Although I shared some of the initial skepticism other people had, I very much hoped that this product could solve my suspension woes. Riding on Ground controls and KYB AGX (set to the softest possible setting) and 45 series tires with 16" rotas, my ride quality was very poor. I don't know why, but even with this "soft" configuration hitting cracks on the road and any sort of train tracks and ripples was absolute HELL! It had gotten to the point where my car was becoming a chore to drive. Despite spending all this money to make my car better.

Knowing a great innovation when I see it, I decided to give the guys at Korbach a chance. I set up a group buy to get some other Civic owners in my area a chance to try out this great product as well. First off, the guys at Korbach treated me VERY well with our arrangements to ship to Canada. Being their first Canadian customers, they were very eager to make sure we were taken care off and everything was done as fairly and honestly as possible. I'm very impressed. Our kits came about 4 business days after we all had our order in! Thats super quick as far as i'm concerned.

Installation was straight forward and the ease of installation was excellent. Serious thought was put into the product, and its assembled with an easy install in mind. Break away pilot hole spots, step by step instructions with pictures along the way, even the drill bits to complete the job. These guys went over and beyond what normal companies usually do with half assed or incomplete kits..

Lets cut to the chase. Driving my car is fun again! Although there still are some issues with my suspension (i'm replacing my configuration next spring), ride quality is at least two times better than before. I don't even notice the small cracks that would normally have made my car lose its footing, and make a loud thump. Although I still go very slow over train tracks, Its not always a necessity. Basically every crack out there is half as bad as it used to be. A good comparison to the effect of the frame locks installed is moving from a low profile tire to a more stock setting, like 195/65/14. Thats what it feels like without giving up the reason you got low profile tires in the first place!

Turning response is much more natural, no lag from the time I turn the steering wheel to the time the wheels decides to turn. Handling is better too, the car is just more eager to perform. All in all I am very happy with the product, and I'm eager for Korbach's next innovations. If I ever get another civic, these frame locks will be the #1 upgrade I do. "

Sean K
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Milano Red EJ8

#52651 - 09/25/04 12:15 AM Re: Korbach Testers...Their ride evaluations of Frame Locks here
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Loc: So Cal
Sorry for gloating, but


Anything that stiffens up the front clip is gonna be good....
-Rookie of the year - 2004 Championship Series SCCA Cal Club LA Solo 2

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