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#5046598 - 09/20/10 07:41 PM Hmmm...What kind of exhaust should I get??
straitcrazy Offline

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I currently have 5zigen exhaust for my 99 Si and I would like to have something different. I want something a little quieter. I want something that has a nice, throaty sound, but I don't want something that's really ricey sounding either. I've thought about DC Sports, because I've heard that it's a pretty nice sounding exhaust and it's not too loud. Opinions are welcome! Thanks!
#8599000 - 03/23/16 10:40 PM Re: Hmmm...What kind of exhaust should I get?? [Re: straitcrazy]
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I got a Greddy SP with 2.5 " piping. They no longer make this exhaust. It is quiet yet sporty and not ricey. I painted the chrome muffler black and cut off the 4 " inch tip for stealth. In place of the tip, I found a 3 " tip from Manny, Moe, & Jack and had that welded on. It looks totally stock and I have never been pulled over with this set-up. I went to all of these lengths after getting an expensive smog ref. ticket with a very loud 3 " Tanabe N! system. If I didn't go this route, I would probably look at DC, RSR, Thermal, or the Mugen dual pass muffler, which most people rave about.

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#9177404 - 11/03/17 12:15 AM Re: Hmmm...What kind of exhaust should I get?? [Re: RG2LEM1]
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